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Help keep theater designers working while also getting a cool piece of art for your home! The Entertainment Industry is currently experiencing a near total shutdown due to COVID-19. As freelance artists, that means many designers are currently out of work and without income. I am launching Tiny Scenery to help keep as many designers as possible employed in the coming months.

We are professional model builders who can make anything your heart desires. A scene from your favorite movie? A recreation of your house or favorite architecture? All items will be priced affordably, based on the hours it takes to build, and proceeds go directly to helping young theater artists keep up with their bills during this uncertain time. Models are handmade and painted by professional set designers. Sizes are approximate and easily adjustable to fit your space.

Some ideas to get your imagination going: Diagon Alley from Harry Potter, the twins in the Hotel Hallway from The Shining, the Apartment from Friends, a Game of Thrones location, Star Wars, Star Trek, a recreation of your house or favorite building.

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Visit our Commissions Gallery

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